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One from her married sister in Hans Place. That would keep. One from an old schoolfellow. That would keep. And one鈥攖he long-looked-for Indian letter, which she tore open eagerly, and read hurriedly, devouring the close lines,[Pg 2] in the neat, black penmanship, with its decided up and down strokes, and legible characters, so firm, so strong, so straightforward, like the nature of the man who wrote the letter..
"Will you go, Mrs. Disney鈥攎ay we make up the party?".
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"Well, it could scarcely be called jilting, and I really don't know that there was anything between them; but people had coupled their names鈥攁nd he dined at Glenaveril at least once a week all the time he was at the Mount鈥攁nd people had quite made up their minds it was to be a match. Mr. Crowther went about talking of Lord Lostwithiel and his affairs as if he was his father-in-law鈥攖he neglected condition of the land, and what ought to be done at the Mount, and that the estate wanted judicious nursing, and all that sort of thing. And then one December morning his lordship sailed off in his yacht before it was light, and there was no more heard of him. It was quite in his way to go off suddenly like that, but the Crowthers were evidently taken by surprise, and we heard no more about Lord Lostwithiel and the Mount."!
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"Why curious?" asked Isola, coldly. "Was not Lord Lostwithiel always fond of yachting?".
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"Pray God you may be right," said Disney, with a sigh. "I am no judge of character."
21 August, 2019 - 13:08
Same ! Who ever likes comics give me a reply
21 August, 2019 - 13:08
The best!